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Avalos Bay Hotel

Designed by : Yann Leroy

Location : Gomera Island, Canaries Islands.

Site Area: 6,400 M2

Built Area: 11,700 m2

300 Bedrooms

Multiple restaurants

The Avalos Bay Hotel is destined to be the first zero environment impact on the island. The site is narrow gully running perpendicular to the beach. Proper envelope design begins with exploration of the footprint and orientation of the building. The bigger challenges occur where site conditions and building program constrain choices. The nature of a resort is also to afford the best views possible on the site. Here the main orientation for most public spaces is toward the shore on the eastern side of the valley. The low rise hotel wings, seemingly hugging the hills, are following the relief of the terrain. All rooms have unobstructed stunning sea views. Interior spaces will be totally designed based on bio-habitability criteria.

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