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We create imaginative contemporary design solutions without neglecting the organization of spaces, technical, and financial requirements set-out by the client. We create iconic designs that bring a clear identity and sense of place to the project, blurring the line between art and business.


Our interiors create rich and engaging environments centred around user experience. From five-star urban hotels to resort properties, we deliver unique and creative design solutions that bring a clear identity and ensure user enjoyment within the space.


The masterplan is the first step in any large-scale project. Our planning expertise has been developed through years of experience master-planning a variety of projects from entire cities to extensive resorts to large-scale residential projects. We offer a variety of planning solutions that suit your project needs and bring together your program expectations.

Design Process

sketch  by AXS Design
AXS Design is offering the best of both worlds- local architectural know-how fused with global design excellence. This approach promises constant access to the design team, ensuring impeccable coordination, and maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the project's lifecycle.
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