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AXS Design combines the expertise of

Access Architects, Mumbai with Yann Leroy Design & Planning, Paris and Studio Aria, Bangkok.


AXS Design's approach of blending local architectural knowledge with global design excellence offers a well-rounded strategy for creating innovative, and high-quality architectural solutions. It demonstrates a commitment to delivering projects that not only meet the needs of clients but also contribute positively to the environment and the communities they serve.

By incorporating both local and global perspectives, AXS Design can tap into a wider range of ideas and design concepts. This can lead to innovative solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and cultural context of the project, making them more effective and meaningful.

Global Design Excellence
Incorporating global design excellence ensures that projects benefit from the latest trends, technologies, and design concepts from around the world. This can result in buildings that are not only functional and sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing and innovative.

Local Expertise
Local architectural know-how is crucial for understanding and complying with regional regulations, climate conditions, and cultural preferences. It ensures that projects are functional and well-suited to their surroundings.


Yann Leroy

Yann Leroy

Atul Shah AXS Design

Atul Shah

Jay Shah of AXS DEsign

Jay Shah

Design Director - AXS Design
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