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Long Mu Resort

Designed by: Yann Leroy

Location: Guoxin, Hainan China

Site: 20 Hectares

Built Area: 60,000 sq.m

550 rooms Multiple Dining venues

Client: Long Mu Bay Development Co. Hainan China

The Long Mu Bay Resort is a themed development in Hainan, China. The aquatic theme of the resort is clearly visible I the fluid forms of the over plan and massing. The design also integrates 19e century nautical visual elements. 550 rooms are laid out in a fluid shape reminiscent of an octopus shape. The wings radiate from the center entry pavilion. / lobby. Most of the garden level rooms have a direct access to the network of pools surrounding the hotel. A mix of family-friendly rooms and more traditional amenities will meet the expectations of a wide range of travelers

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