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Designed by : Yann Leroy

Location: Guilin, Guangxi, China

Area: 2,000 sq.m

Community Clubhouse

Client: Sunny Life Group, Chengdu China

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Community Clubhouse Interiors. The project is part of the development of the existing village of Yangshuo in the Guanxi prefecture of China. The views from the club facilities are the stunning mountains of Guilin, famous world wide. The character of the Interior Design is in harmony with the dramatic natural surroundings.

The the two stories building is design for a multitude of functions; private dining rooms, meeting rooms, reception lobby, arrival lobby, indoor and outdoor lounges were designed to carry the natural dimension of the design intent. A generous use of wood and locally quarried stones combined with the organic forms of the furniture create a sense of relaxation and well being. The desire of the client was to present a contemporary unique image without seeming cold and sterile. Initially planned as a sales center the building will be used later as a clubhouse by the community.

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