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Zhuhai Hengqin Headquarters

Designed by: Yann Leroy

Location: Zhuhai , Guangdong China.

Site: 75,000 sq.m 

Total built area: 390,000 sq.m 

Hotel: 90,000 sq.m 

Offices: 112,000 sq.m 

Retail: 44,000 sq.m 

Residential: 39,000 sq.m

Client: Zhuhai Hengqin Investment Co. Ltd Zhuhai

Zhuhai, southwest of the Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province,with Hong Kong in the east and Macao in the south is one of the strategic economic stop along the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. As one of China’s first special economic zones, the city has always prioritized ecological development. The Hengqin Headquarters is a mixed use project. Feng Shui principles are respected and celebrated in the general organization of the site. The main building is a 90 stories, 360 meters tall cylindrical tower. It contains 47 floors of office space. The upper part of the tower is dedicated to a luxury hotel. The sky-lobby of the hotel located on the 53rd floor offers dramatic views of Macao across the river. The tower is shaped like a monumental flower. The smaller residential buildings to the east are treated with a similar floral theme. The aim is to set up an abstract urban garden.

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