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Cha Am Hotel and Resort

Designed by : Yann Leroy

Location: Cha Am, Thailand

Site Area: 23 HECTARES

Total Built Area: 200,000 sq.m

550 bedroom family hotel
44 Luxury sea-view apartments
1,200 residential condominiums

Cha Am is a popular family destination facing the gulf of Thailand. Our client owns a very large property facing the beach. The center piece of the development is a 550 bedrooms family hotel standing between a waterpark open to the public and the extensive hotel themed pool fronting the beach. Additional projects component include a super-luxurious 17 stories residential tower next to the beach side of the site. With a minimum size of 300 m2, these sea facing duplex units offer stunning views to the east. Located behind the hotel, another large condominium development features
over 1,200 residential units. The impressive array of pools and entertainment venues as well as the presence along the main highway to the west of the site of a large shopping center also included in the site is certain to make this development a favorite with the Thai and International residents and guest looking to escape the more hectic urban environment of Bangkok located 3 hou

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