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Times Financial Center

Designed by: Yann Leroy

Location: Futian District, Shenzhen

Site: 10,000 sq.m

Built Area: 60,000 sq.m

28 office floors above the podium.

Client: Zhong Tie Cheng, Shenzhen China

The building has been designed as a landmark for the Shenzhen City Center and features a contemporary façade of stone, metal and glass. Granite columns balanced by glass vision and spandrel panels accentuate the verticality of the design. The north and west facades feature dramatic, double volume pedestrian entrances. Two architectural spires top the north face of the tower. The western façade features a large terrace at the fifth floor setback, offering stunning views of the nearby park. The ground floor is home to a large banking branch. The building is 100 meters to the top of the office ceiling slab, 130 meters to the top of the spires.

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